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San Francisco Waterproofing Masonry serves the San Francisco Bay Area and specializes in:

  • All aspects of waterproofing of structures above and below grade level.
  • Urethane, silicone, polyether and hybrid sealant installation as well as cut out and re-caulk of sealant according to industry specified standards.
  • Masonry restoration and repair.
  • Interior side waterproofing of concrete foundations using crystalline waterproofing method. Xypex systems.
  • Concrete structural repair.


Waterproofing is a rather broad term. SFWM covers the entire envelope of a structure.

Here are some of the services we provide:

      • There are several "caulking" or sealant systems, applications and materials we use to ensure that window penetrations and constructing joints as well as utility and electrical penetrations and installations remain sealed from exterior water intrusion and heat loss.
      • Non-slip waterproof coating systems over below grade level occupied or storage space using sealants and UV resistant urethane coating systems.
      • To prevent water intrusion through new concrete structural and retaining walls as well as systems installed to halt water intrusion into existing structures both through exterior and interior applications.
      • Fractures in concrete overheads and below grade walls leaking into interior space are injected through drilled ports with expanding foam which bonds to the sides of the fractures, providing a permanent seal and halting the ingress of water.
    • We repair spalling and fracturing in concrete walls ensuring restoration of structural integrity.
    • We restore existing and historic brickwork using methods developed in the industry in Tuck-Pointing, cleaning and patching where necessary to ensure viable hydro-static bonding of repair mortar, structural integrity and cosmetic restoration of the exterior surface.
    • We utilize mortar of the proper tensile strength and color appropriate to the brick/stonework/terra cotta we are restoring and ensure that a proper specification for repair is outlined, set forth and followed with photo documentation submitted.