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Products we use

Waterproofing of new and existing excavated concrete foundation construction below grade

In new construction for below grade waterproofing of concrete masonry or solid core grouted concrete masonry unit construction our preferred system is EPRO, with a water-based asphaltic liquid membrane that can be installed over “green” concrete, with polyolefin sheeting installed and sealed in the tack coat of the liquid membrane, followed by a protection course of drainage mat, ensuring both protection of membrane and drainage of water saturation in grade from the structural walls. These systems are warranted and fail proof in our experience.

We also specialize in urethane grout injection to repair leakage through fractures in concrete structures located below grade level using SealBoss products exclusively.

Sealant installation in new construction and sealant cut out and re-caulk in existing construction

Control joints, window systems, walkways, window penetrations, pipe and utility penetrations. EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems). Silicone, urethane, polyether, silicone urethane polyether hybrid sealants.

Cured silicone tape sealed systems (Dow Corning).

Masonry Restoration

Brick masonry, natural hydraulic lime, terra cotta repair, stone, concrete, concrete masonry unit (CMU), historic and industrial masonry repair and restoration.

Interior concrete foundation and concrete floating hull repair and waterproofing

Waterproofing of structural below grade concrete foundations may be repaired with the use of Xypex structural restoration and crystalline waterproof waterproofing systems. We are called to repair leaking and structurally damaged concrete floating hulls in the San Francisco bay. We use Xypex waterproofing systems for these repairs. When the repairs are structural, we eliminate steel rebar in reinforcement and use Basalt Fiber Reinforced Rebar in those repairs.